"RT-Global resources": The introduction of high technologies is a guarantee of effective work on Tomtor and Tyrnauz deposits.

On March 24, 2016 JSC "Institute "GINTSVETMET" (it's a part of the "RT-GR" Research and production center) held the International scientific and practical conference "Rhenium, Tungsten, Molybdenum-2016" within which reports on the key directions of development of scientific researches and technologies of elaboration were made by the leading scientists from Russia and foreign countries.

The report on problems of formation of new address approaches to perform research and design and exploration work in modern conditions when developing fields of rare and rare-earth metals was made by the executive director of JSC "Institute "GINTSVETMET", the deputy CEO of "RT-Global resources" Igor Demidov.

"The "RT-Global resources" project on development of Tomtor deposit of rare-earth metals and work on recalculation of stocks of Tyrnauz tungsten-molybdenum deposit is a result of serious analytical work of the Research and production center and the RTGR investment block in the field of formulation of new approaches to the world market of REM. Development and deployment of new high technologies at implementation of mining projects of the corporation not only multiply increases efficiency of production and extraction of elements, but also creates unique competitive advantages for the Rostec Corporation ", - I. Demidov emphasized.

The beginning of works of the Rostec Corporation and its specialized holding on implementation of projects in raw-material area - "RT-Global resources" is a step in the field of realization of the "Development of the industry and increase of its competitiveness" State program regarding ensuring resource safety of holding's enterprises.

The Rostec Corporation is a Russian corporation created in 2007 for assistance to development, production and export of a hi-tech industrial output civil and military. It includes 663 organizations from which 9 holding companies in defense industry complex and 6 - in civil industries are created now, and also 32 organizations of a direct control. Rostec's portfolio includes such known brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, "Helicopters of Russia", VSMPO-AVISMA etc. The organizations of Rostec are located in the territory of 60 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and deliver production on the markets of more than 70 countries. In 2014 the revenue of Rostec was 964,5 billion rubles.

"RT-Global resources" is a corporate center of competence for planning, maintenance and management of raw-material and infrastructure projects. The company is created for implementation of raw-material and accompanying infrastructure projects in Russia and abroad. "RT-Global resources" - 100% subsidiary of "RT-Business development", of the Rostec Corporation investment company.