"Vera Port" received a positive finding of the state examination.

The main state examination of the Russian Federation issued a positive finding to the investment project of "RT-Global Resources" (100% subsidiary of the Rostec Corporation) "Sea coal terminal "Vera Port". In particular, the compliance of results of engineering researches and project documentation was confirmed to requirements of technical regulations and other established requirements.

Within the infrastructure area of work of "RT-Global resources" the company realizes the project on construction in the nonfreezing water area of the city of Vladivostok of the marine reloading terminal "Port Vera" with a maximum throughput of I and II turns of 10 and 20 million tons respectively. The port can accommodate vessels with a displacement of 40-150 thousand tons. Start of the first stage is planned for 2018. The project possesses high investment appeal thanks to geographical proximity to sales markets in the Pacific Rim. "RT - Global resources" realizes the construction project "Vera Port" within the strategic program of the Government of the Russian Federation for development of infrastructure projects in the Far East region.


"RT-Global resources" realizes investment projects on elaboration and development of Ogodzhinsky coal deposit in Amur region, construction of the marine coal terminal "Port Vera" in Primorsky Region and construction of a coal power plant for sale of the electric power in Russia, China and Asia-Pacific countries. Projects are economically isolated, at the same time, form synergetic effect in the field of financial efficiency for investors of the project .

LLC "RT-Global resources " is a corporate center of competence for planning, maintenance and management of raw-material and infrastructure projects of The Rostec Corporation. The company is created in 2013 by the Decision of the Rostec Сorporation. LLC "RT-Global resources" is a 100% subsidiary of LLC "RT-Business development".