"RT-Global Resources" has serious scientific and practical base in the field of the science-intensive and design developments for mining sector, metallurgy, infrastructure and oil and gas projects.

For the solution of complex industrial tasks the specialized EPC(M)- contractor was created in the perimeter of RT-Global resources  (Engineering Procurement Construction Management), capable to render a full range of services in the mining industry and metallurgy from a field assessment stage to automation of productions, including EPC(M)-services and integrated IT-solutions in the industrial sphere.

 "RT-Global resources" is a supporter of deep branch examination in the mining and metallurgical business. In design and construction it is staked on scalable examination therefore capacities of the company allow to build objects of any complexity and of different function.

Structure of assets


25%+1 stock
CJSC "Rosengineering"

Implementation of management
R&D Institutes

50% of stocks

Key competences

  • Scientific researches
  • Design works
  • Assessment and statement of stocks
  • Design and exploration work
  • Architectural supervision
  • Audit of deposits
  • Production of the equipment
  • Creation of trial samples
  • Service. Implementation of purchasing activity
  • Construction of GOK and turnkey factories.
  • Automation of technical processes
  • Telemetry
  • Modeling

Main activities

  • Increase of investment appeal of new and operating mining enterprises;
  • Development of breakthrough technologies in the mining branch, including application of nanotechnologies;
  • Development of projects on import substitution in the mining branch of Russia, including the organization of production in the territory of Russia of the equipment which is not made at the time of a transaction fulfillment;
  • Development of new mining projects and offering them to the market;
  • Participation in examination of existing and perspective projects in the mining branch, including the analysis of ore base;
  • Creation of associations of producers of the mining and processing equipment for the organization of complex deliveries by the customer in Russia and abroad;
  • Construction of mining and processing enterprises or their parts with the principle of turnkey work with the subsequent formation of internationally recognized name of the company of a full cycle on implementation of projects of any complexity in ore mining industry;